List of Accepted Abstract

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No Author Title  Oral/Poster
1 Elfi Anis Saati, Sita Ayu Pangesti, Sri Winarsih and Moch. Wachid  Co-pigmentation Anthocyanins of Rose Pigment (varieties of Batu Local) with Catechin from Black Tea and Green Tea Extracts oral
2 Antonius Herry Cahyana, Kam Natania and Hong Fu Sheng Study on Antioxidant Activity, Binding Capacity and Stability of Curcumin-Functionalized Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles oral
3 Warkoyo, Budi Rahardjo, Djagal Wiseso Marseno, Joko Nugroho Wahyu Karyadi Kinetics Of Microbial Growth and Chemical Quality Deterioration Of Meatballs with Active Edible Coated as a Result Of Storage Temperature oral
4 Abdullah Muzi Marpaung, Nuri Andarwulan, Purwiyatno Hariyadi and Didah Nur Faridah The Color Stability  of Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea L.) Petal Extract at pH 6 to 8 are Highly Uncertain oral
5 Mohammad Junus Algae Cells Density in Various Planting Period and Liquid Sludge Biogas Unit Proportion oral
6 Miftakhussolikhah, Dini Ariani, Ervika RNH, Azkia Nastiti, Yudi Pranoto  Effect of Additional Suji Leaves and Turmeric Extract on Physicochemical Characteristic and Antioxidant Activity of Arenga-Canna Noodle poster
7 Uun Yanuhar The Involvement Fragmen Pigmen Protein (FPP)  Microalga Nanochloropsis oculata  of  Response Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70)   of Infection  Nervous Necrotic Viral (NNV)  on Grouper oral
8 Windu Merdekawati The Uniqueness of Seaweed Pigments oral
9 Ermiziar, T., Saragih, R., Hanum, L. Natural Pigment from Red Colour Melinjo Peels oral
10 Giacinta Mutiara Beta Maharani, Filiana Santoso, and Abdullah Muzi Marpaung  Stability Improvement of Anthocyanin from Various Local Plants using Metal Complexation Poster
11 Swanty Rahmazania Mustika and Abdullah Muzi Marpaung M.P
Color properties and Stabilizing Effect of Metal ion on Blue Anthocyanin Color from Buni (Antidesma bunius) Fruit poster
12 Delianis Pringgenies, Riyanda Idris, Muhammad Zainudin The Antioxidant Activity of Carotenoid Pigments in the Bacterial Symbionts of Seagrass Syringodium isoetifolium Syringodium isoetifolium oral
13 Marianti Manggau, Gina Sakinah, Dian Saputra Usman, Nur Fadhilah Ramdhana and Ermina Pakki Stability and Activity of Anthocyanins from Dragon (Hylocereus costaricensis L.)  Flesh and Skin Fruit in Extract and Lip Balm Formula poster
14 Melanie Cornelia and Oktafielia Putri  Application of Goji Berry Fruit (Lycium barbarum L.) extract as Food colorant in Dried Noodle poster
15 Failisnur, Sofyan and Anwar Kasim  Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with Natural Dye
from Gambier (Uncaria gambir Roxb.)
16 Yuyun Yuniati, Renny Indrawati, Jovine, Tantiana, Wynona Tracing the antioxidant-rich products in local groceries: naturalness, biofunctionality, and price poster
17 Renny Indrawati, Gita, Kristine, Melissa, Yuyun Yuniati, Leenawaty Limantara How extensive does the artificial dye color our food?
18 Elin Julianti, Laida Neti Mulyani,Marlia Singgih Wibowo, Susanti Comparison Different Extraction method of C-Phycocianin,  a Phycobiliprotein from Dry Biomass of Spirullina Platensis
19 Selfina Gala, Dhaniar Rulandri Widoretno, Delita Kunhermanti, Lailatul Qadariyah,  Sumarno and Mahfud
Microwave-assisted Extraction of Natural Dyes
from Jackfruit Wood Waste (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lamk)
20 Mada Triandala Sibero, Kustiariyah Tarman, Rita Sahara  Exploration of Red Pigment from Coastal Endophyte Fungi Isolated from Hydnophytum formicarum oral
21 Wibowo, A.A., Elim, P.E., Heriyanto, Prihastyanti, M.N.U, Shioi, Y., Brotosudarmo, T.H.P Effect of Drying Methods on the Concentration of Fucoxanthin and Chlorophyll a and Fatty Acid Composition of Three Sargassum Species Poster
22 Setiyono, E., Pringgenies., Heriyanto, Prihastyanti, M.N.U, Shioi, Y., Brotosudarmo, T.H.P Carotenoid Analysis from Erythrobacter flavus Symbion of Acropora nasuta Poster
23 Husnatain, I.D., Salim, K.P., Heriyanto, Purwantiningrum, I., Harijono, Limantara, L.  Effect of Dried Fruit Processing on Lycopene Content and Pigment Composition of Tommato (Lycopensicum esculentum var Marta) Poster
24 Andreas Lucky Effendy, Rollando In silico screening study of potent human breast cancer drug from natural pigments Poster
25 Defri Yona and Park Mi Ok Seasonal variation of phycoerythrin chromophores of Synechococcus spp. in the East Sea, Korea oral
26 Ayda Krisnawati and M. Muchlish Adie  Consistency of Biomass Production from Several Soybean Genotypes in Various Agro Ecology of Indonesia  Poster
27 M. Muchlish Adie and aAyda Krisnawati  Identification and Clustering Soybean Genotypes with High Biomass Production as a Source of Renewable Energy  Poster
28 Victor Aprilyanto, Andrea Putri Subroto, Chris Darmawan, Reno Tryono, Condro Utomo, and Tony Liwang  In Vitro Selection of single guide RNA for Effective Cleavage of Exon-3 VIRESCENS Gene in Oil Palm Using CRISPR/Cas9 System oral
29 Darda Efendi,  H. Muthmainnah, T.S.  Arzam,  I. H. Sumiasih,   R. Poerwanto, and Y.A. Purwanto, A. Agusta, and S. Yuliarni Degradation of Chlorophyll and formation of β-cryptoxanthin   and ยง-citraurin in Citrus Degreening oral
30 Edia Rahayuningsih The Sustainable Economic Development through Research, Production, and Application of Natural Dye oral
31 Ervika Rahayu NH, Dini Ariani, Miftakhussolikhah, Maharani P.E., Yudi P The Effect of Yellow Natural Color from Turmeric on Physical and Sensory Properties of Arenga Starch-Colocasia Esculanta L. Noodle Poster
32 Delicia Yunita Rahman, Dwi Susilaningsih and Marc J.E.C. van der Maarel Heterotrophic growth of LIPI13-AD014 for Phycocyanin Production oral
33 Kam Natania, Antonius Herry Cahyana, Melanie Cornelia dan Edison Sutiyono Microencapsulation of Soursop (Annona muricata Linn.) Leaf Tea Extract Using Natural Mucilages  Poster
34 Muh. Thoyib, Catur Harsito, Suyitno, Syamsul Hadi  Simple Procedure for Reducing Cratering Defect of Water-Based Paint Using Caesalpinia Sappan Dye oral/poster
35 Erlinda A. Vasquez,Candelario L.Calibo, Ronnel M. Godoy and Lady Fatima G. Palermo Alteration of the Chlorophyll Content in Phytoplasma-Infected Cassava oral
36 Pujiyanto, Muhammad Iqbal Prawira Atmadja and Dadan Rohdiana Theaflavin, Natural Pigment on Black Tea and Its Pharmacological Activities oral
37 Anna Yuliana, Marlia Singgih Wibowo, Elin Julianti Toxicity Level of Monascus Pigments Using Ecosar Program oral
38 Diah Mustika Lukitasari, Rosita Dwi Chandra, Heriyanto, Renny Indrawati Stability and Antioxidant Activity of Microencapsulated Pigment from Red Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor) for Food Colourants poster
39 Endang Kusdiyantini, Iffan Alif, Salma Fuadiyah, Dyah Wulandari, Anto Budiharjo Identification of Red-Pigmented Thermophile Bacteria Isolated from Gedong Songo Hot Spring, Semarang – Central Java poster
40 Tri Panji Some Pigments Produced from Spirulina platensis  Biomass and Its Potential Use for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications oral
41 Rika Wahyuningtyas & Uun Yanuhar The Expression of MHC Class 1 in Cyprinus carpio Infected Koi Herpes Virus through Induction of Crude Protein  from Macroalgae Halimeda sp oral


Poster Guidelines

1. Posters will be displayed in the Conference venue for the entire duration of the Conference. Authors are required to post their posters in the designated area. Poster mounting material will be provided.

2. Print your poster at a A0 (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm). paper Posters must not exceed these dimensions.

3. The title, which must be identical to the one on the abstract form, should be printed in block capitals at least 30 mm high.

4. Under the title, print in smaller fonts the names of the authors, institutions, cities and countries. Underline the name of author who will present the poster.

5. All information presented in the poster should be read easily by viewers 2 meters away.

6. The message should be clearly understandable without oral presentation. You should be prepared to present your poster according to the program.

7. The use of more diagrams, color, and fewer words is recommended for clarity.

8. References should be prepared according to the style described at full paper/manuscript formatting guide.

Extended abstract


Research and Development of Pigment-based Innovation and Technology

Topic :

1. Exploration, determination and characterization of natural pigments

2. Pigments in daily live (food, health and fashion)

3. The role of natural pigments in developing agriculture

4. Analytical technologies (chromatography, spectroscopy, imaging)

Extended Abstract

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