Professor Dr. Bruno Robert
Commissariat à l'énergieatomiqueet aux énergies alternatives (CEA), Institut de Biologieet de Technologies de Saclay, France

Bruno Robert received his Doctor of Science in Biophysics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie. He was recruited at the CEA in 1984. In 1991, he joined a post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Chemistry, Harvard University. He is responsible for a team whose scientific activity is focused on membrane proteins involved in bioenergetics processes, and inseparable from the use and development of optical spectroscopy (electronic and vibrational spectroscopy).

The main interest of this group concerns the structure and physico-chemical properties of membrane proteins involved in the primary phase of light energy conversion, both in photosynthesis and, more recently, in human vision. Of particular interest are the pigment molecules bound by these proteins, which constitute their active-site cofactors.

Currently, he is the Head of Bioenergetics, Structural Biology and the Mechanisms iBiTec-S. Prof. Bruno Robert has been the author of over 120 publications in international journals, organizing numerous international conferences. He is recognized as one of the most influential scientists in the world of molecular mechanisms governing the first steps of photosynthesis.


Welcome to the 2nd Natural Pigments Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA)

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