Natural Pigments: From Laboratory Research to Industrial Applications

Photosynthesis and Its Importance in Food, Medical Health and Alternative Energy


Biodiversity of natural pigments resources
1. Exploration into exotic species in South-East Asia region
2. Photosynthetic pigments

Pigments for Food and Healthcare
1. Photosynthetic pigments in agriculture and industry
2. Carotenoids in palm oil
3. Medicinal uses of natural pigments

Pigments for Energy
1. Energy harvesting pigment materials
2. Biofuels

FULL PAPER PUBLICATION FOR 2nd Natural Pigments Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA)

1. Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments
Full paper will be published on Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments (e-Journal, published twice a year by The Indonesian Society of Pigments Researcher, HP2I)

2. International peer-reviewed Journal
Participants who wish to publish their full paper in the international journal, the 2nd NP-SEA committee recommend and encourage participants to submit their best full paper to Dyes and Pigments (Elsevier Journal, Impact Factor 3.126).
  • We ask the contributing participants, please, to add acknowledgement remark on NP-SEA clearly: "This article is a revised and expanded version of a presentation work at the 2nd Natural Pigment Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA), July 12-13, 2013 in Malang, Indonesia".
  • The participant is encouraged to submit the full paper by August 17, 2013. The submission to Dyes and Pigments should be done through individual submission to . (Please visit Dyes and Pigments for further information on the Guide for Authors)

Welcome to the 2nd Natural Pigments Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA)




Contact person: Renny Indrawati, M.Nat.Sc.
Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments, Ma Chung University
Ph. +62 341 550171 | Fax. +62 341 550175 | Email:
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