Professor Dr. Hideki Hashimoto
Physics of Biological Materials and Crystal Growth Laboratory, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University, Japan.

Hideki Hashimoto received Master and Doctor Degrees of Science from Kwansei Gakuin University Graduate School of Science. After serving as an assistant professor at Osaka City University's Faculty of Engineering and associate professor at Shizuoka University's School of Engineering, he became professor at Osaka City University's Graduate School of Science in 2002. He has served as Project Leader at the Advanced Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology since its founding in 2008. He was promoted as full-time professor in the Advanced Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology since 2010 (with a joint appointment in the Graduate School of Science). Currently, Prof. Hashimoto is the president of International Carotenoid Society as well as a project leader in the OCU Advanced Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology (OCARINA).

Hideki Hasimoto's research interest focuses on the studies of carotenoid pigments that are playing essential roles in the primary process of photosynthesis. X-ray crystal structure analysis has been applied to determine the electron distribution and molecular structure of the artificial photosynthetic pigment protein complexes in which the structures of carotenoids are systematically modified. Simultaneously the excitation energy transfer mechanisms and inter-molecular interactions have been determined using various spectroscopic methods. Through these research works, artificial pigment-protein complexes that do not exist in nature have been created and the detailed functional mechanisms are clarified. The main research objective is to interpret the blueprint of life activity through condensed matter physics, which may lead to the utilizations of photosynthetic systems as bio-nanodevices.

(Source:; Ocarina Communication Vol. 1 )

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